Tips for Purchasing Marketing Automation Technology

Lisa Cannon is a senior writer with Act-On Software, Inc., a marketing automation provider for small and mid-size companies and recently published an interesting article about purchasing Marketing Automation Technology. 8 best practices are being explained by Lisa on Email Vendor Selection.

Customers often ask us when to switch to a full Marketing Automation technology, 9 out of 10 our answer refers to their historical and current processes and what they want to solve with a Marketing Automation Solution. To quote Lisa:  “This usually means that the company making this upgrade has not done such a program before, and is trying to figure out their new process at the same time that they’re implementing a new technology. Plus, many marketing and sales teams seeking new technology don’t have a specific checklist of requirements. In fact, they aren’t always certain about what they’re trying to accomplish”.

Let’s take a look at 8 best practices outlined in the white paper When Marketers Buy Technology: Issues, Obstacles, and Solutions by David Raab, an expert marketer and principal at Raab Associates Inc., as well as a consultant, speaker, and analyst. These steps will put you on your way to finding marketing automation technology that will meet the current – and future – needs of your business.


  1. Define your business objectives
  2. Outline your system requirements
  3. Consider several marketing automation technology vendors
  4. Keep your original requirements in mind

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