The difference between email marketing database and marketing automation

Going from an email marketing database to marketing automation

You’re pretty good in email marketing, working with a ESP platform, maybe some nice engagement email campaigns based on behaviour or profile characteristics. Is this the final solution for you as a marketer or are there next steps. Yes there is ! You need to use more data sources, communicate multi channel, work with an integrated database and reporting. It’s time for marketing automation.

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What is the difference?

The big difference of going from an email marketing database to a proper (email) marketing automation set-up is the addition of web analytics (behavioural) data. With this level of data you will be able to recognise when the consumer first visited the website, which web content interests him and even what search terms brought the consumer originally to your website. Imagine splitting out your customers based on those using value terms like cheap versus clear brand or service led terms.

Fig. 1 shows how programmes can evolve when using a marketing automation system. Just think, how would this be possible in an old school world where the data was not available in one place and you couldn’t automate these different programmes?

Fig 1.


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