Social Studio April 2019 release

Salesforce Marketing Cloud comes with Social Studio. A place where Social Media Teams post content and analyse engagement, Marketers gather intelligence about their brand and industry, and Customer Service responds to questions from customers. But wait, there’s more! Social Studio can be used for lead generation, crisis management, advertising, and event monitoring as well!

How to add value to your brand with Social Studio

Social Media Managers face the challenge of not only sending out messages on the right channel at the right time, they also need to sort through thousands of posts that may be of interest to their brand, and even crucial to its reputation. As customers are taking advantage of the Social media presence of companies and organisations to complain, ask questions and even compliment them on the quality of their products and services, social media teams need to pick up mentions and conversations of interest to them. And awareness is not enough: they have to decide when and how to engage with their customers on social media channels and be able to assign specific tasks and questions to the appropriate departments, like Sales and Customer Service.

Social Studio April 2019 release, what’s new?

With its April 2019 release, Social Studio has added some useful new features, together with technical updates to comply with the latest standards of the supported social media platforms.

Shared Calendars

Admins for workspaces can share their calendar with other workspaces. Users in the other workspaces can see each others’ scheduled and published posts. This prevents duplicate content. Only posts for Social Media accounts that the workspaces have in common are visible and they are read only.


Find out what people are saying about your brand on review sites. When you create a topic profile, select “Reviews” as a media type. This allows you to filter by reviews and further by rating (from 0-5 stars) in Analyze. If you are adding a topic profile to a Social Automate data source in Social Studio Automate, you can look for review content that matches the topic profile keywords by selecting the Reviews media type.

N.B. Facebook has changed its review option to recommendations, so Social Studio Automate has a new condition added. When you create a rule from a data source that includes a Facebook Managed Account, you will see a new condition called “Facebook Recommendations”. Options for this condition are Recommends and Does Not Recommend.

YouTube gets its own media type

YouTube has changed its terms of service and now requires its own Media Type. When you create a new Topic Profile, you can select YouTube under media types. The Youtube Media Type includes videos and comments. For videos on other sites, you still have to select the “Videos” media type and the separate “Comments” media type for comments. If you want these updated YouTube media types included in Social Automate, you need to edit the data source to include this new media type.

Predefined responses

To streamline your brand’s engagement on social media, you can set up standard responses. These can help your team to quickly deal with frequently occurring situations or questions, and free up time to deal more personally with matters that require more attention.

Users can post a standard response as is, or change it for a specific reply. Predefined Responses can be up to 280 characters long and include emoji. They are available across the Social Studio tenant and are not specific to a workspace.

Search Instagram by hashtags

Instagram has released a new Hashtag Search API. If you have Analyze permission, you can use the “Instagram Hashtags Summary” to create a Dashboard. All users with Analyze permissions can search for hashtags. Except for Basic users, users can create, delete, or edit hashtags.

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