New messaging options, send time optimization and more

The SFMC June 2019 Release is here!

Let’s take a look at some of the new features have become available with the latest Salesforce Marketing Cloud release:


With Marketing Cloud’s new transactional SMS messaging REST API, you can deliver urgent and critical transactional SMS messages, such as password resets, purchase confirmations etc. You can also track your sends in real time, if you subscribe to SMS transactional send events on Marketing Cloud’s event notification service. Watch this short video from Salesforce to see a demo.

In app messaging is now available directly in Journey Builder, this means you can interact with your customers at the very moment they engaged with your brand: in your mobile app. Simply drag the In-App Message tile onto the journey and create or edit your message with your content from Content Builder. You can also create standard messages in Content Builder and select those when you are building your journey.

Send Time Optimization, powered by AI

Ever wonder when your customers read their email? First thing in the morning, on their lunch break, or on the train home? It’s impossible to know what individual subscribers prefer. This is where Einstein Send Time Optimization comes in. Drag the Journey Builder activity tile onto your customer journey before an email activity. Einstein will select the best send time for each subscriber, based on engagement.

Email Studio

You can now access the admin pages straight from Email Studio (and any other Marketing Cloud app). Navigate to Setup from the drop-down menu under your name in the top right of your screen. You will find links to the Admin section, Platform tools and Settings in the menu on the left.

Less-than and greater-than angle brackets can now be used in the subject line of an A/B test. It’s also possible to use a verified send classification that contains a sender profile employing AMPscript to dynamically populate the From address. (The latter is available only with Domain Verification enabled.)

Content Builder

The URL path for published content will contain the file name at the end of the URL, after you enable Predictable file URLs under Content Builder settings in Setup.  After uploading, you can edit the file name on the properties page, but not the URL.

Social Studio

Uncover persona-specific insights from Twitter data by creating a Persona Insights Dashboard from any of the social listening cards or Workbench cards in Social Studio analyze. Click on the drop down arrow and select ‘Create Twitter persona group’. This will generate a dashboard that shows you an authors list, information about followers, influencer score, post count, a word cloud and more. You can watch a video on how to use this feature here.

The mentions content type filter for Facebook expands your understanding of what people are saying about your brands. You can filter to see only @mention Facebook content in an Analyze dashboard or an Engage column.

Audience Studio Connector for Interaction Studio

With the Audience Studio Connector for Interaction Studio marketers can take advantage of real-time decisioning to personalize content based on media exposure
and activate audience segments for advertising. This connector is included with the purchase of Interaction Studio and Audience Studio. Watch the video about this feature here.

For more information on the SFMC June 2019 release, visit the Salesforce website and read the complete Release Notes.