Salesforce Marketing Cloud: March 2017 release summary

Update: the March 31 release has been postponed until April 7!
Salesforce announces major updates for Spring 2017. Because the changes are extensive, we will look at them in two posts, starting with Marketing Cloud’s Content Builder, Email Studio and Journey Builder updates, scheduled for April 7. We will examine the updates for Social Studio that will go live on April 2 in a separate post.

Content Builder

New Features available to all users include:

  • Drag and drop code snippets to a template or email in the layout view of the editor.
    Please note: Code Snippets do not receive the standard “wrapper” table that content blocks get. This may affect how an email renders in a recipient’s inbox and makes thorough inbox testing of every email crucial for its success.
  • Salesforce Data Extensions and Audiences in Dynamic Content Block.
    Access both Salesforce data extensions and Audiences for creating rules in the Dynamic Content block if the account uses the Salesforce connector or Audience Builder.
  • URL Source for Content Blocks.
    Users can specify an external URL as an image source. When using this option, Content Builder will not import the image, but it will remain at that location.
    Salesforce Marketing Cloud update March 2017
  • Subject and Preheader have been moved to the top of the preview canvas.
    These fields are now located above the email preview canvas in the editor, to conform with the Preview & Test step of the email creation flow and with user expectations.
  • Asset Selection for AMPScript Content Builder Functions
    This release adds a new lookup feature to avoid needing to memorise CustomerKey or ID of the asset you want to reference when using the AMPScript ContentBlockByKey, ContentBlockByID, ContentImageByKey, and ContentImageByID functions.
  • Folder Breadcrumbs
    A breadcrumb containing the entire folder path of the content in the grid appears as you navigate between folders in Content Builder. To navigate to the folders, click the folder name in the breadcrumb.
  • Copy Location
    To share a content item’s location or add a folder path reference to an AMPscript function, click the drop-down menu next to the item in the Content Builder grid. Find the Copy Location action and copy its file path to your clipboard.

Email Studio

  • URL Expiration and Redirects.
    Configure when links in your emails expire and where expired links redirect to. To manage URLs, select URL Expiration under Send Management in the Admin section of Email Studio.

    Click for a larger version
    Click for a larger version
  • Email actions in Content Builder thumbnail view.
    view and select all email-related actions in the Content Builder thumbnail view.

    click for a larger view
    Click for a larger version
  • Manage scheduled sends from the Tracking Tab in Content Builder.
    The Tracking tab now displays scheduled jobs. You can view, pause, resume, or cancel scheduled Content Builder Email sends here.

Journey Builder

  • Undo and Redo Feature
    Hover the cursor over the Undo and Redo buttons to see the action performed by the undo or the redo. You can undo or redo up to 50 consecutive actions as long as they remain on the journey canvas screen.
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  • Improved Entry Source Configuration
    Salesforce will retire Contact Event later this year. The API Event tile will replicate and replace the  Contact Event for triggering entries into a journey via the Journey Builder API. The Salesforce Data Event tile becomes a standalone entry source for integrated customers. The entry source configuration wizard has improved navigation that presents users with new and existing entry source definitions on the first step. You no longer need to click New Event to view these additional options.
  • Email Activity Statistics
    A new hover pane provides details about email send activities.

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  • Health Statistics Panel
    This provides users with more insight into a journey’s performance. To access this information, click the health case icon for a journey.

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    Click for a larger version
  • Additional Entry Results Data Visibility
    More data is added in the Entry Results page to help users understand how the Entry Source is performing.  

More details on the updates and new features above, as well as additional information on this release, can be found here.