Salesforce Marketing Cloud: April 2nd updates for Social Studio

Part two of our look at Salesforce’s Spring update focuses on Social Studio, Social Studio Mobile and Command Center. This update will be generally released on April 2, 2017.

General changes in Social Studio

Social Studio Admins can assign new owners to Topic Profiles (for instance when a workspace user changes assignments or leaves the organisation) and allow users to customise Topic Profiles to suit their needs.

Social Studio Analyze gives valuable insight. Formerly known as Radian6 Free Insights, Analyse Workbenches give new insight into your data with:

  • Top #Hashtags Mentioned
  • Top Usernames Mentioned
  • Top Domains Mentioned
  • Top Sources

Social Studio Analyze Workbenches has 13 new metric cards for custom dashboards. You can customise one of the existing dashboard templates or start from a blank slate.

Please note Microsoft is migrating their translation service to Azure. Bing Translation service will stop on April 30th. We enabled you to add your new Azure account credentials. There are changes in cost and terms associated with the Azure service.

Twitter, Facebook and YouTube

Emoji are now supported across Social Studio. When publishing on a network that supports emoji, you can search for and select a specific one to insert into your post. When engaging, Social Studio will properly display emoji. This makes it easier to understand conversations. When analysing, you can use emoji in addition to text in a post to calculate sentiment. This is useful when analysing posts with limited text.

This feature is also available on Mobile and Command Center

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Social Studio April 2017 release
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When replying to a tweet, we made it easier to include all of the ‘in-reply-to’ users. These no longer count towards your 140-character limit, after improvements Twitter implemented earlier this year.

On a desktop, you can now access the Facebook private message inbox from Social Studio. You can read conversations as well as assign, label, and prioritise messages.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Social Studio April 2017 release
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You can also manage Youtube comments and replies and respond to your customers straight from the Social Studio workflow.


Social Studio Mobile

Analyse: with this release Social Studio Mobile users can utilise the same cards that they are accustomed to seeing in desktop: Post Volume; Top Words; Sentiment; Countries; Languages.

Approvals: manage and sort your publish approval list on the go. Choose from a default newest to oldest or oldest to newest option. (iOS only)

Navigating within Publish is easier. The More menu is replaced with a single navigation bar across the top in Publish. With a single tap, you can change from the calendar, see tasks and drafts, or view shared content. (iOS only)

Facebook Reviews: View and engage with Facebook reviews to gain a better understanding of the conversation happening around your brand. (iOS and Android)

Paging for Analyze Dashboards: When a custom dashboard includes more than 15 cards, these will appear on more than one page within Analyze. To access additional cards, scroll to the bottom of the page and tap next or previous page. (iOS and Android)

Command Center

The Marketing Cloud Command Center provides live details about what is happening with a brand on social media. You can use Command Center on large displays if you need to monitor or display high-level social performance information.

New Features in Command Center:

  • Web Canvas Visualisation
  • Showcase third-party content in the Marketing Command Center
  • Business unit support for  Email and Journey Performance visualisations
  • Twitter retweet filtering, filters out duplicate posts from Command Center screens

More details on all new features and improvements are available on the Salesforce documentation page for this release.

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