Salesforce Marketing Cloud release September 2015

Salesforce Marketing Cloud September release is live!

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud has released a number of new features in September. We have summarized the salesforce marketing cloud release notes for your convenience.

Release highlights:

SocialPages Content Now Available in CloudPages

CloudPages now makes content from SocialPages available in your page creation. Select a page and edit in your CloudPages workspace. Make changes to SocialPages and CloudPages all in one place.

Simplified User Configuration for Marketing Cloud Connector

Salesforce Marketing Cloud has completely re-imagined the first-time configuration and connection user experience from start to finish, making connecting the Marketing, Sales, and Service Clouds faster, more intuitive, and more user-friendly.  Now with Simplified User Configuration for Marketing Cloud Connector, they offer an improved, guided first-time user experience with automated configuration steps to reduce manual efforts.

Active Audiences: Improved Facebook Ad Account Selector and Increased Attribute Matching

You can now easily select a destination of your audience and match users using multiple phone- or email-type attributes to increase your match rate.


  • Change and Updating Templates in the Beta Email Creation Flow
    • Change and update email templates in the content step of the email creation flow
  • Subscriber Preview and Test Sending Added to Beta Email Creation Flow
    • The preview step includes new functionality to the email creation flow
  • A/B Testing Exclusion/Suppression Count Totals Now Shown
    • A/B Testing now displays the total exclusion/suppression count applied to entire population

September release

We would like to highlight the release items around the Marketing Cloud Connector.

You will need to update to this new version to gain access to these new features. Please note that this upgrade applies only to customers using v 5.0 or higher.


  • Improved First Time User Configuration Experience
  • New Connected App PILOT
  • New Data Connector PILOT
  • New Alternate Keystore BETA
  • Journey Builder Integration BETA

Salesforce Marketing Cloud completely re-imagined the first-time configuration and connection user experience from start to finish. Connecting the Marketing, Sales, and Service Clouds becomes faster, more intuitive, and more user-friendly.

A kick start when starting the connector installation is the fact that they automatically create the five time-based workflows required for Email and Mobile sends.

    • ScheduledSend (Email) – required
    • BackupWorkflow (Email) – required
    • BackupTriggeredSendWorkflow (Email) – optional, requires Triggered Sends
    • ScheduledSmsSend (Mobile) – optional, requires Mobile
    • BackupSmsWorkflow (Mobile) – optional, requires Mobile

What also makes life easier is the Data Connector Pilot. 

With this new Data Connector, Marketing Cloud Connect brings together the digital marketing capabilities of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud with the data schema and relationship in the Salesforce CRM. Easily configure the data connection between Sales, Service and Marketing Clouds, including what fields you want to sync and at what time intervals. One screen translates the data schema of hundreds or even thousands of Salesforce objects into an easy-to-use, easy-to-manage interface.  

This new Pilot will allow for two main new features in the Marketing Cloud Connector:

  • Continuous Data Synchronization
  • Custom Object Support

and to use al these nice features in our Journey Builder the integration gives us the capabilities to utilize journey interactions to trigger Sales Cloud and Service Cloud Activities. With Journey Builder integration, you can create Leads, Contacts and Accounts, convert Leads and create Tasks for Salesforce Contact account owners.

New Journey Builder Integration features available in this release include the following:

  • Added Summary screen to the Case Activity
  • New UI implementation for the Add Campaign Member Activity Storing Sales and Service Cloud IDs in the Alternate Keystore.
  • Tracking information going back to Salesforce Contacts

more details about this September release can be found here.