Salesforce Marketing Cloud release notes March 2015

Salesforce Marketing Cloud release notes

Salesforce is using a monthly release schedule for their Marketing Cloud platform. All users working on the Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform can experience the March release in their software directly because a popup with all new features will appear within each specific module.

Some interesting new features are:

  • Journey Builder

    In this release, Journey Builder offers new features to enhance the Flow View, a new way to test interactions, and updates to contact history with interactions.

  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connector

    With the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Connector, you can easily segment lists in Salesforce Sales Cloud, effortlessly send Marketing Cloud email messages to Salesforce reports and campaigns, and view tracking in both the Salesforce Marketing Cloud and the Sales and Service Clouds.

  • Active Audiences

    The Salesforce Marketing Cloud releases Active Audiences to you with this release. Review a short demo video to see how this app works.

    With Active Audiences, you can use the subscriber data kept in your Salesforce Marketing Cloud account to create precisely targeted advertising. This app seamlessly integrates to Facebook Custom Audiences and Twitter Tailored Audiences, allowing you to automate and scale sophisticated programs to support your customer journeys.

More details on the March release and previous releases on: