Salesforce Marketing Cloud release notes June 2015

Salesforce Marketing Cloud June release out now!

Salesforce has in June released a number of new features in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. You will see the big announcement when you login:

salesforce marketing cloud release notes
June release SFMC screen

The ‘True the core’ theme has been chosen for the salesforce marketing cloud  release (June and July).

In a nutshell the major new salesforce marketing cloud release notes:

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  • A major new feature is the Update job links post-send functionality:
    Changing a link after sending is now possible, a bad link or a mistake can always happen. We can now fix this! How:

    • Under a job-specific Tracking Details on the Job Links tab (located in the Sends section of Tracking)
    • Under a job-specific Past Sends and Job Links button (in the Emails section of Content)
  • On the integration part the Marketing Cloud Connector (v5 Integration) has new updates:

    Email Send Process Enhancements

    • Improved error messaging
    • Additional configuration capabilities added for triggered sends
    • New pre-send validations added to help reduce common send errors
    • Throttled sending added for Salesforce sends in the Marketing Cloud

    Error Message Improvements

    We reviewed all the errors you might encounter when sending from the Marketing Cloud Connector and rewrote them to be more informative. Error messages now include next-step instructions for you to troubleshoot and solve the problem yourself. We also included support information if needed.

    Triggered Sending Notifications

    You can now control who gets notified if something goes wrong with a triggered send on a per-send basis. Options include whoever triggers the event (the running user), whoever owns the triggered send (the triggered send owner), or anyone else you think might need to know.

    You control who gets error notifications if something goes wrong with the triggered send. Select the running user, the triggered send owner, or anyone else you think might need to know.

    Send Report Pre-check

    The Salesforce Marketing Cloud now automatically detects the presence of a Contact ID or Lead ID (required for a Salesforce send) in a report while defining your email send to make sure you included a Contact ID or Lead ID in your reports before you ever hit Send.

    Throttled Sends for Salesforce Sends in the Marketing Cloud

    During some campaigns, you might want to anticipate inbound message traffic (such as contact centers or website hits) generated from email messages. With a new Throttled Sends feature, you can define the send by designating message send speed. Use this feature now for Salesforce sends in the Marketing Cloud.

    Email Address Synchronization

    We now automatically update all email addresses for active subscribers stored in the Marketing Cloud All Subscribers list with the email address sent to using a Salesforce send. Keep email addresses in sync between the Salesforce Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, and Marketing Cloud:

    • Synchronization occurs when you send to the new email address, not when you update the email address. The email addresses will look out of sync between updating and sending, but this process saves you API calls while still ensuring that you always send to the correct email address.
    • Pull data from Salesforce, not push data to Salesforce. Changes made to the Marketing Cloud All Subscribers list will not reflect in Salesforce.

    Dynamic Send Preview Usability Enhancements

    Dynamic Send Preview (introduced in v5.41) enables you to preview emails with dynamic, personalized content using real Contact or Lead data from the Sales or Service Clouds before ever sending an email. This release includes a more user-friendly interface and allows you to see the static preview without needing to select a data source first.

    Other updates include system performance, a new help and training portal, and the ability to clear triggered send queues without calling our friends at Marketing Cloud Support.

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