Salesforce Marketing Cloud March 2016: innovations and changes

New navigation‚ naming structure‚ and reorganization of some applications in this release.

The updated application navigation will be visible to everyone who logs in on Marketing Cloud on or after March 19th, 2016.


Summary of changes in Salesforce Marketing Cloud release March 2016:

• Email Studio includes Salesforce’s email application and Distributed Sending. Predictive Email has been moved to Personalization Builder.
• Mobile Studio includes MobileConnect, MobilePush and GroupConnect.
• Social Studio still includes the Social Studio application and Social Pages.
• Advertising Studio includes and Active Audiences.
• Web Studio includes CloudPages. Predictive Web has been moved to Personalization Builder.
• Marketing Automation is now called Journey Builder. It includes Journey Builder, Journey Maps and Automation Studio.
• Data & Analytics is now called Analytics Builder and includes Web & Mobile Analytics, Reports and Discover.
• Content is now called Content Builder and includes our Content Builder application.
• Audience Builder is a new category that includes Contact Builder and the Audience Builder application.
• Personalization Builder is a new category that includes the Predictive Email and Predictive Web applications.

Salesforce will send an in-app message to users logging into Salesforce Marketing Cloud with a link to a Knowledge Article.
You can find more detailed information on the changes listed above in this document and in the complete release notes on the Salesforce Marketing cloud website. 

This Salesforce project will roll out in phases over the course of 2016. Marketing Cloud Blog will keep you updated of changes as they are inplemented.