Salesforce Marketing Cloud release January 2016

Salesforce Marketing Cloud release January 2016 is live!

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud has released many new features in January. We have summarized the most important release notes for Journey Builder here for your convenience.

Decision Split Activity Enhancements in Journey Builder

The Decision Split Activity within Journey Builder now supports the ability to create up to 20 paths in one activity. This makes it easier for you to build the interaction flow when dealing with a use case more complex than a Yes or No decision. You can now perform this action in one easy-to-use activity. Learn more!


Sales and Service Cloud Events and Activities for Journey Builder

Marketing Cloud Connect Customers with Journey Builder can now utilize Sales and Service Cloud Entry Events and Activities directly within Journey Builder. With these new features, All Journey Builder customers will now be able to connect customer interactions across Marketing, Sales, and Service. Learn more!

Journey Builder Email Activity Roll Out Complete

The v2 Journey Builder Email Activity will complete its deployment to all remaining accounts with Journey Builder installed and will automatically deploy with new Journey Builder accounts. We systematically deployed the new version of the Email Activity to selected accounts over the last 6 months, this release will replace the current version on all accounts. Learn more!

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