Salesforce Marketing Cloud March 2020 release highlights

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud March 2020 release is all about making life easier for marketers. But wait … isn’t that every release, you say? Indeed it is, so without further ado, let’s take a closer look at some specific new features in this one.

Interactive email

Salesforce is planning to add more and more interactive email features to Content Builder. Starting with a content block for interactive forms in this release. You will find this content block under Blocks → interactive content → email form. Use it for profile enhancement, reviews or anything else you can think of, this block is highly customizable! Here’s a demo video that shows you how easy it is to edit this block.

In CloudPages, you can build a CloudPages Interactive Email landing page for subscribers who submit an email form built with the Content Builder Email Form block. Learn more about how to create an interactive landing page here.

Custom Domain Enhancements

Previously, whenever you edited your account’s custom domain, images and documents uploaded to Content Builder retained the domain previously assigned to the account. When the previous domain expired, these files failed to render at the associated URL.

With this release, Marketing Cloud synchronizes your Content Builder file URLs automatically to the new custom domain, so all your existing assets will get a new unique URL and you will never lose them again.

Classic Email will be retired

If you are still working with Classic Email, you should be aware that creating Classic Emails in Email Studio will no longer be possible from the beginning of June 2020 and editing will be retired one year later, in June 2021.

The following Email Studio features are excluded from the retirement:

  • View classic emails, templates, and content areas
  • Access to Portfolio
  • Sending classic email
  • Landing Pages
  • Email classic SOAP APIs
  • Distributed Sending

Need help moving from Classic Email to Content Builder? follow this link for tips and tools!

Journey Builder: Behavioral targeting and email validation

There is a new template in Journey Builder which can help you increase conversion with Behavioral Targeting insights from Audience Studio. You can find it in the Journey Builder templates gallery.

This template allows you to use Audience Studio insights to target customers who browse your website but don’t convert. You can use it as is, but you can also modify it to suit your specific needs.

When the EmailAddr (case insensitive) field appears in a Data Extension you use for email sending, its value is used as the subscriber’s email address. This system-level behavior occurs regardless of send configuration or field data type. When you validate a journey that uses a Data Extension as the Entry Source, Journey Builder checks for a field named EmailAddr. If the field appears in the Data Extension, an error appears. This step prevents you from sending messages to the wrong contact email.

New in Marketing Cloud Einstein

A new Einstein navigation menu now gives you a single view of all your Einstein products.

To help you gain insight into how emails in your journeys perform, Einstein analyzes each journey’s email activities to identify if a particular email’s performance is either unusually weak or strong. Open rate, click rate, and unsubscribe rate for individual email activities within journeys are monitored daily.

Einstein Messaging Insights extends email analysis to emails that Marketing Cloud automations send, to monitor open rate, click rate and unsubscribe rate for emails sent by an automation. Because automation email is analyzed in aggregate, it also analyzes these messages  to find and report performance and engagement anomalies.

The March 2020 Marketing Cloud occurs from March 21 through March 28, 2020. The Social Studio release occurs on March 28, 2020. Some features are made available to your instance within a week of the release. You can find the complete release notes for the March 2020 release here.

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