Salesforce Marketing Cloud January 2017 release: trust and performance

The January 2017 Salesforce Marketing Cloud release happened on January 27. The Social Studio, Command Center, and Social Hub release will happen on February 12. We have summarised some of the most notable changes for you here.

Automation Studio Overview

The Automation Studio Overview page has been enhanced with Lightning. This brings the interface up to date with the other Salesforce Clouds and Marketing Cloud applications. Lightning provides users with improved performance and usability.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud January 2017 release

Journey Builder

The Journey Builder Email Activity now only references event data, instead of the event data extension connected to the journey’s entry event, for email personalization. As event data represents a snapshot of the event data extension at the time a contact is injected into a journey, you will not need to make any changes to your journeys, except when you run journeys that rely on contact data being updated after contacts enter the journey. In that case, you will need to use the Lookup() or LookupRows() AMPscript functions to ensure that emails explicitly reference the sources that store updated data.

Contact ID mapping

A new configuration setting in Contact Builder prevents customers from mistakenly linking any numeric data to the contact model using the ContactID field. This setting can be disabled by an administrator, but this is not recommended because incorrectly linked data affects the health of your database.

Journey Audience Schedule and Evaluation

Default values for the data extension evaluation based on the schedule cadence used are now set in the schedule step of the Journey Audience configuration wizard for Email and Mobile Studio. The options for evaluating all versus new records will only appear if the schedule repeats more than once. You will also receive a warning if you set a schedule before a previously scheduled run of the Audience entry is completed.

Journey Audience Data Extension Reuse Warning

The system automatically checks if there are other active journeys using a data extension you selected on the Select Audience step of the Journey Audience configuration wizard for Email Studio or Automation Studio. If that is the case, you will see the following warning message:

Salesforce Marketing Cloud January 2017 release

SQL Query Configuration Details and Action Log

To view and validate the configuration details of a particular SQL Query activity, you can now use a dedicated location. A historical log of errors enables you to troubleshoot issues by yourself and to identify trends. You can view, edit, copy or execute an ad-hoc run from this location. Access the new Configuration details and Action Log pages for an individual SQL Query activity by navigating to the list of all SQL Queries in the Activities section of Automation Studio.

New Home Dashboard for iOS

If you are using the iOS version of the mobile app, you can access the home dashboard using the Home button in the main navigation. Set up daily or weekly reminders to check on your marketing efforts.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud January 2017 release

Extensive documentation about this release can be found here, on the Salesforce website.