Salesforce Marketing Cloud August 2017 release

The latest SFMC release went live on August 25th with lots of new features and improvements. In this summary, we focus on Email Studio and Content Builder.

Help and support in Content Builder and Email Studio

Within Email Studio, you can now directly access tutorial videos on building, testing and sending Content Builder emails. Select the How-To Videos link located next to the Import button in Content Builder to do this.

in the Preview and Test step in the Email Creation workflow, you will find HELP bubbles and messages to provide clarification around the Subscriber Preview, Test Send and the Desktop/Mobile Preview steps.

Share folders, emails and content in Email Studio and Content Builder

When you log into Email Studio, the default view is Content Builder (although you can still switch to Classic Content).
You can create shared folders and share content, with specified editing permissions, with other business units within your organisation.
To share a Content Builder item, simply click the Share drop-down. You can select the business units to share this email with, as well as the specific editing permission for the recipients.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud August 2017 release
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Beneath the SHARED tab, you will see all shared content, both to and from your business unit, and in both shared and local folders. Beneath the LOCAL tab, you will see all content in all folders that your business unit owns. The Content Builder root folder and any child folders are also here. Apply FILTERS by clicking on the funnel icon in the Content Builder grid.

Note that:

  • To interact with shared folders, a user needs the proper permissions in the Administration permission settings
  • Folders must always be shared with the top-level Enterprise business unit in the account
  • You can only move content between the Local and Shared folders, not folders
  • The Across Enterprise sharing setting must be enabled to add content to the root Shared Content folder
  • An email must be approved before it can be shared with other BUs (if Approvals is enabled
  • If approval is withdrawn for an email, it disappears from all units it was shared with; any local edits are deleted, and associated sends will fail

A new sharing option allows for sharing to all current and future business units in your Enterprise, so you will not need to manually re-share content and folders as you create new business units. To enable this setting, you will need to contact your Marketing Cloud Admin at Salesforce.

Content Locking for Emails

To provide greater Enterprise control when sharing emails across business units, it is now possible to lock content areas directly in emails. The recipient business units can only edit the unlocked areas of the shared email. Note: If the recipient business unit duplicates a shared email, they can unlock the locked content in the duplicate email.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud August 2017 release
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Mobile Column Stacking

When viewing a multi-column email on a mobile device, the columns always stacked from left to right, meaning the left column appeared first. With this release, you can choose between a left-to-right or a right-to-left order. You will find this option under the Layout Settings tab.

Personalization Data Source Selector

The Choose New Data Source option in the Personalization toolbar selector lets you choose data extensions or audiences as the source for the list of attributes to insert as well as Subscriber personalization attributes.


More information on the August release can be found on the Salesforce website.