Dreamforce 2016: Salesforce introduces Einstein, AI for all

Salesforce Dreamforce, 2016’s biggest Salesforce event, took place in San Francisco October 4-7, drawing a record attendance of more than 170.000.

During the event, Salesforce announced that one of its latest acquisitions, Demandware, is now added to the Salesforce Cloud as Commerce Cloud. It also officially declared its intent to acquire data management platform Krux.

Special guests and speakers included Melinda Gates, Tony Robbins, U2 and … Einstein!

Einstein? …

Dreamforce 2016What if you had a partner who collected data for you from all available sources, including social media, crunched the numbers and presented you with predictions for audience, campaigns, content, products and offers that will take the guesswork out of marketing? Right there on your Marketing Cloud dashboard? That is what Salesforce promises with the new Artificial Intelligence feature they have named Einstein. There is even an avatar, a cuddly version of the great scientist, that made an appearance on stage at Dreamforce through the magic of modern technology.

Your personal data scientist

With this feature, Salesforce integrates self-learning and self-tuning Artificial Intelligence into its platform. This means it is making AI available to every user of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Einstein automatically discovers relevant insights (it even detects social media mentions without an @ or #). Einstein can predict future behavior, and recommends target audiences, best next actions, content and other useful things, such as offers and the ideal send time for campaigns. Einstein acts as your own personal data scientist.  In today’s world, where data scientists are much in demand,  scarce and therefore expensive, this presents huge possibilities to businesses and organisations that struggle finding, or funding, their own data scientists.

You can watch the whole Salesforce for marketing keynote, including some actual cases involving Einstein, here.

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