A preview of the October 2016 Salesforce Marketing Cloud release

On October 28, the next Salesforce Marketing Cloud release goes live. Here are some interesting new features and improvements: 


Users can manage Installed Packages under the Account option in the Administration drop-down menu. Admins can license out custom-built apps or apps installed from the HubExchange Marketplace by individual user, by individual business unit, or for the entire enterprise (requires the Administer permission for Installed Packages).

Note: the HubExchange Marketplace will be retired in the January 2017 release. All pre-installed apps will continue to function. In future, apps can be installed via the AppExchange Marketplace.

Content Builder:

Code Snippets

A new feature in Content Builder lets users save reusable bits of HTML, AMPscript and Guide Template Language. These can then be accessed from the Code Snippets toolbar selector.

HTML Hints, Auto-Completion and Tag Matching

When editing HTML, users will receive hints for HTML tags as they type a <. The editor will also automatically add a closing tag when they type >. When the user clicks an opening or closing HTML tag, the editor highlights the corresponding closing or opening tag. This feature is available for all account types immediately.

For more new features and performance improvemetns in Content Builder, click here.

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Email Studio:

Preview email against Audience Builder audiences

By selecting the Subscriber Selector folder icon, users can find the Audience object to preview the email. To use this feature, the account has to be provisioned with Audience Builder.

The correct user time zone in Email studio will be displayed, instead of showing a default time zone.

This release includes a fix to copy the campaign association when copying classic emails to Content Builder emails.


Personalization Builder

Affinity Model Enhancements

Salesforce continues to optimize the calculation of individual affinity for catalog attributes and attribute values. Predictive Recommendations leverages affinity in these ways:

  • the User Affinity scenario recommends the most popular items that match the top 5 affinity values for a user.
  • user affinities for the recommended items affect the order of the items returned
  • The Profiles data extension records the top 5 affinities for each user

Changes to affinity calculations in this release:

  • Optimized impact of adding an item to a shopping cart
  • Enhanced  algorithm used to determine favorite catalog attributes for a user
  • Improved display of user affinities on the Predictive Content profile screen

Data Monitoring Console

This release makes the Data Monitoring Console available for all users. This console is used to help with troubleshooting when Personalization Builder displays unexpected behavior.

Web Studio

SSL Support for Secure Landing Pages or Microsites

Users can indicate if a page should force HTTPS access when creating a landing page or microsite. This feature can be used with private and non-private domains. To use a private landing page or microsite, you need to have an SSL Certificate for a private domain.

Find out more about the features and improvements in this release here.