Magic Quadrant for Digital Marketing Hubs

16 Vendors Under The Glass, As Gartner Releases First Digital Marketing Hub Quadrant

Gartner Research’s first-ever Magic Quadrant for Digital Marketing Hubs, released recently, assumes that ad tech, marketing tech and CRM will naturally converge. As such, it pits enterprise platforms like against ad tech regulars like Rocket Fuel [x+1] and Turn.

This is a very interesting movement that is currently taking place in the world of technolog and marketing. Marketeers need to gain more expertise about what marketing technology can offer them these days, especially because technology from different marketing platforms are converging.

“Gartner’s putting a stake in the ground and we feel the world of CRM and advertising are no longer separate from a marketer’s point of view,”

We help our clients on a daily basis with their marketing automation, connected journey’s, predictive intelligence, multi channel campaigning, data management and reporting. The technology supporting these marketing components is focussing more and more on managing the data possibilities, therefor the presence of a DMP (Data Management Platform) and tag management system is becoming essential. Ad tech regulars like Rocket Fuel [x+1] and Turn have a solid DPM solution in place but usually have Limited support for digital marketing and commerce. This is where companies like and Oracle excel.

“When one thinks marketing clouds, one tends to see Adobe, Oracle and All three were listed as Gartner’s Magic Quadrant Leaders.

Adobe, which rated highest for its “completeness of vision” and tied for first with Oracle for its “ability to execute,” nonetheless had ongoing integration challenges in piecing together its stack, Kihn said.

Oracle has similar integration problems, though their acquisitions – notably BlueKai – allowed them to buy their way into hubdum, Kihn said, “which really boosted Oracle in the Leader quadrant.” He added the presence of a DMP and tag management system were key.

Yet, is a Leader without a DMP.

Kihn called ExactTarget Journey Builder “probably the most usable campaign creator we’ve seen.” He added an asterisk: while may not compete with the likes of a MediaMath or Rocket Fuel in ad tech, they’ve got a clear cut of the CRM and first-party data pool”

Magic Qudrant Marketing Hub

Very interesting to see how this Magic Quadrant for Digital Marketing Hubs is populated end of this year (December 2015), will the visionairs become Leaders or acquired by the Leaders?

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