Emarsys spring 2017 release: new developments and pilots

Emarsys has announced lots of new features, products and integrations for its Spring 2017 release. Read our summary of the changes here.

Features now on general release

Among the new features that are already available is Facebook Lead Ads. This enables you to easily connect your Facebook registration forms to your Emarsys account, using a wizard. There is also a new, easy to use, Visual Content Editor for creating great looking emails from either their predefined or your own customised templates.



The new Mobile Engage Segmentation lets you segment and target contacts based on device information, mobile app behaviour and custom events, while Mobile Engage Scheduling allows you to plan and schedule mobile push campaigns.

Also on general release: SMS Reporting. You can now monitor your SMS campaigns with more precision and gain even better insight into delivery rates.

Inbox Preview

Previously available as a pilot, Inbox Preview is now a pay feature, available on demand. With this, you can preview how your emails appear in a wide selection of mobile and desktop clients, browsers and operating systems.



New Pilots

Triggered Emails  is a scalable solution for time-critical emails. This pilot is in its early stages, so contact your Emarsys Success Manager for more details.

If you have customers all over the world, it is a challenge to send an email to everyone at exactly the right time. Send Time Optimization is an artificial intelligence marketing solution, using learning algorithms to select the optimal time each contact is most likely to respond to your mail.

Incentive Recommendations is another Artificial Intelligence tool. It rates contacts according to probability an incentive will make a difference to a decision to make a purchase.

Emarsys Spring 2017 release

From a range of incentives, Emarsys decides whether a contact needs one or not. This feature enables you to adapt your strategy accordingly,  maximising either revenue or profit.

Third-party Integrations

There are also pilots for integrations with the following platforms:

  • Magento 2
  • Salesforce
  • Hybris
  • Oxid

For more information on the Emarsys Spring 2017 release and pilots, go to the Emarsys website.