The Emarsys October 2016 update is all about mobile

With this latest update, Mobile Engage users will be able to onboard their apps without Emarsys support. Emarsys is also working on a new version of the Mobile Engage API and announces several new pilot projects.

Self-service onboarding feature for apps

The interface for this new feature looks like this: Emarsys October 2016 update

Key Emarsys system fields are automatically mapped when the app is created.

Read more about the Mobile Engage Onboarding process here.

Mobile Engage API v2

Emarsys encourages all customers to update their implementation as soon as possible, as they will stop supporting V1 by the end of 2016. Find out how to get started with the Mobile Engage API here.

SMS performance improvements

Backend improvements to the processing of SMS delivery reports in this update include:

  • delivery reports will be processed faster and more reliably during high volume periods.
  • deliverability metrics at the campaign and account level will more precisely depict the true message delivery rate.

New pilot features

Users who are interested in testing out new features before general release, can look at the currently available pilot features here.