Emarsys: July 2016 release

Emarsys has added some exciting new products and improvements to their B2C marketing Cloud with the July 2016 update. This is our summary of the most noteworthy changes: 

Emarsys CRM Ads

This is a new channel which directly connects your B2C Marketing Cloud account with the leading social and advertising networks.

  1. Create advertising audiences in Emarsys based on segments, or through automated customer engagement programs.
  2. Create campaigns in Facebook and Google with our our step-by-step instructions
  3. View the responses in your Emarsys account


Read the full details on  CRM Ads here.

Emarsys for Demandware

New integration for the Demandware e-commerce platform.

  • Real-time synchronization of purchase data, contact data and product feeds.
  • Trigger transactional emails from Demandware.

Web Extend revenue attribution

With this update, Emarsys extends the default attribution period for email campaigns to seven days. As a result, any item bought within seven days following any click in an email, will be attributed to that campaign. This is a default setting that can be changed on demand by Emarsys support.

Web Extend catalog formatting

Emarsys now supports product catalogs formatted for Google Product Feed. This feature needs to be enabled by Emarsys Support.  Be aware however, that this restricts the degree of validation that Web Extend can offer.

Better notification for failed exports

New checks for sftp data exports. These trigger Notification Center messages in case of errors, for example if your sftp server is temporarily unavailable.

API segment endpoints

Two new endpoints for working with segments:

See what else has been added to the Emarsys API since the last release here.