Emarsys May 2016 release: introducing Value Control

Value Control is a new feature that offers an easy way to measure how effective your email marketing campaigns are. It allows you to send a campaign to a test group consisting of part of the launch list and hold it back from the rest of the list, which serves as the control group. During the evaluation period, website visits, purchase behaviour and revenue of the entire launch list are monitored and the measurements of the test group and the control group are charted side by side.


Now you can see exactly how effective your marketing campaigns really are. Find out more here.

Other major improvements in this release

  • Email Campaign Settings: Do not send to duplicate email addresses
  • Voucher pools: stop campaigns if the pool runs out of codes
  • Email scheduling: view invalid email addresses
  • Email scheduling – recipient source and excluded segments shown

Application review

The developers at Emarsys also held one of their regular application reviews, based on user feedback. This review addressed a lot of minor issues that never quite made the cut in previous releases, and helped them iron out some of the kinks that get in the way of a truly great user experience.
Look for these improvements in performance:

  • Analysis / Registrations: Improved page loading for the Update results link
  • Testmails: Some general improvements to the way we generate testmails
  • Test campaigns: Some general improvements to the generation of launch lists for test campaigns

Pilot features

Emarsys have a number of new features not on general release, which have been made available to a limited number of clients as part of a pilot phase. If you are interested in any of these features, please contact your Emarsys Support.

For more details on new features and improvements contained in this release, go to the documentation on the Emarsys website.