Emarsys March 2016 release

Roll-out from March 8th. Your login screen will tell you when this update is live on your account. We have summarized the Emarsys March 2016 release notes here for your convenience. 

New User Management

The new user management revolves around the new role of Account Owner, who will have access to the two new self-service account security features: Domain restrictions and IP whitelisting. The workflow for this self-service roll-out is as follows:

1. Emarsys Support will select the most suitable candidate for Account Owner and trigger an email to them.
2. The Account Owner follows the instructions in the email to activate their new profile.
3. The Account Owner can now set the security settings for the account if they wish.
4. The Account Owner reviews the account users and asks all active users to verify their profile.
5. These users follow the instructions in the verification email and can then log in as normal.

Note: Emarsys Support will make an educated guess which current user is the best candidate for Account Owner. If you already know who should take on this role, please feel free to contact Emarsys directly to speed this process up for your account. For full details of what the Account Owner role entails, click here.

Other new features in this update

General Improvements to the B2C Marketing Cloud

Continued roll-out of combined segments. Email templates are now also available for section targeting.

Content editor – browser support: issues with the Microsoft Edge browser were addressed.

Automation Center – new participation settings: the participation settings have been extended to take into account when contacts entered a program and not just when they exited it.

Multiple campaign search in Trend reporting: you can use multiple search terms, separated by a comma, when selecting campaigns in the Trend reporting page.

Domain reporting: all email campaigns will now have a detailed breakdown of their responses by domain. This feature can be used to compare performance across different domains and identify issues the campaign might have had with individual ISPs.

Improved mobile reporting: updated recognition of mobile responses for the latest generation of devices and operating systems. This may result in an immediate increase in the proportion of mobile responses over desktop ones.
Note: responses are still captured in the same way as before, so total responses for campaigns will not change. Emarsys will simply be able to identify more mobile devices, and will update reports and segments accordingly.


Page views added to Site Traffic: a new chart has been added to the Site Traffic page showing page views, giving you another easy way to validate your website data collection by comparing this against other site analytics tools.

Predict catalog update: you can now decide exactly when the catalog will be updated, and change this at any time.

For more details on this update, click here to go to the Emarsys documentation page.