Emarsys release notes August 2016

Emarsys announces backend improvements and several new features for release in August 2016

New features and general improvements to the b2c cloud


Emarsys now supports unicode emojis in the subject line of an email.

Emarsys release notes August 2016
Note: These emojis will appear according to how the recipients’ operating system, browser and email client display them. Not all systems or browsers will support all emojis. For a full list of the supported emojis and their behavior, please go here.

Better notification for failed imports

New checks for manual and auto-imports trigger Notification Center messages in case of errors. For example if the unique identifier is not correctly set or the field mappings do not match.

Two  improvements to Mobile Engage

  • Send a batch campaign to a segment directly without having to create an Automation Center program first.
  • Personalize your content with data from your contact database or from external events.

Geolocation segmentation criteria now moved to general release

Emarsys release notes August 2016

Emarsys can identify the city where a response was recorded in most (though not all) cases. Use the Geolocation Criteria feature to create a segment of the contacts who responded during the selected time period within that area.

Read more about this feature here.