Since Emarsys began in 2001, they evolved through the dot-com boom, the rise of the multichannel shopper and the social networking revolution, always keeping consumers in mind. The next step of their evolution is to celebrate a new platform, with a new design and an elevated user experience.

Emarsys announced the arrival of The B2C Marketing Cloud, the new Emarsys platform.

The B2C Marketing Cloud is a data-driven platform that helps marketers achieve one-to-one personalization that maximizes their customers’ lifetime value. In short, it can help brands answer the following questions:

  • Who are our customers?
  • What content is contextually relevant to our customers?
  • When should we be reaching out to our customers?
  • How should we be reaching out to our customers?

Features highlighted in the emarsys B2C Marketing Cloud release

The following new features were highlighted in the emarsys B2C Marketing Cloud release

  • A new user interface and navigation that’s fresh, modern and more intuitive.
  • A dashboard that presents a graphical snapshot of the B2C Marketing Cloud on one screen.
  • Multiple channels to engage or win back your customers. For instance target customers that don’t open emails with SMS messages and social advertising.
  • A solution to provide your customers with a personalised browsing experience through Emarsys Discovery.
  • Identify customer segments by predictive revenue and purchase patterns, metrics such as: customer lifetime value, time between purchases and more.




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