Customer Journey Marketing: the 4 Elements!

Customer Journey marketing

Loren McDonald from Silverpop has written a very interesting article about Mapping the Customer Journey: A New Vision for Digital Marketing.

customer journey mapping
Customer Journey mapping

The key takeaways from this article is that there are 4 key elements to evolve from lifecycle and 1-1 marketing towards customer journey marketing.

  1. It’s customer-centric, not “customer-focused.”
    Example: A customer-focused browse-abandonment message reminds the customer to come back to your site and complete a purchase process.A customer-centric message might include information and links to tools and content on your website that recognizes and helps address the key reasons a prospect might not have completed a purchase. 
  2. Email leads an omnichannel approach.Make email the lead communication channel in your customer journey but Call centers, SMS, direct mail, in-store experiences or direct contact can also factor in at different points on your customer’s journey. 
  3. It requires a different mix of messages, blending new styles of broadcast messages with behavior- or preference-driven automated messaging.Useful in the customer journey are emails that incorporate your company or brand personality and vary the message from “Buy this” to “Here’s some insider information that can help you make the right purchase” (also known as “white space” emails). Also consider other channels like SMS or push notifications. 
  4. The customer journey includes auditing all of the messages customers receive from every department or division in your company.What is the customer experience like if you send an irrelevant broadcast message on the same day as one of your welcome or onboarding series emails? It might be OK, or it could provide a less-than-stellar experience out of the gate.

Even with an omnichannel approach, email will likely remain the primary focus if the email address is your customer’s primary entrée to your marketing program.

Read the full article here.